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Monthly Newsletter                                                             November 2007



From the President…


As we enter this Thanksgiving season, we all have much for which to be thankful – a wonderful neighborhood, a vibrant city and a great country.


A few important items to note in this month’s newsletter-


·       The Board of Directors election process will follow the same process as implemented last year in conjunction with 2008 assessments, please find in this newsletter an announcement about nominations for the 3 Director and Treasurer positions up for re-election.  Nominations are due by November 30th for inclusion in the ballot to be distributed in mid-December.


·       As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, there is some consideration being given to the use of speed tables in our neighborhood to reduce vehicle speed exceeding the speed limit.  Please see the related article on next steps.


There is always more to do than there is time during this time of year.  But I suggest taking some time on Thanksgiving morning to support MUST Ministries at the Gobble Jog on the Marietta Square.  A worthy jog for a good cause makes that afternoon turkey taste a lot better.


As always, if you have questions or comments, please give me a call.


Happy Thanksgiving,


Around the Neighborhood


Speed Tables Offered to Lee’s Crossing by the City


Resident Approval Required


            The City of Marietta is conducting a pilot program of installing speed tables in certain subdivisions for the purpose of slowing down drivers, who exceed the speed limit, in those neighborhoods.  The City is offering Lee’s Crossing two such speed tables, without charge to the neighborhood, providing the residents indicate their “buy-in” by a substantial vote of the residents in favor of installing the speed tables.  If the program is successful, more speed tables may be subsequently offered.


            A speed table covers most of the width of the road, is approximately four to six inches high, and is approximately twenty-two feet from front to back with sloped areas six feet long on the front and back and a flat top approximately ten feet long.  Not to be confused with a speed bump, speed tables can be comfortably driven across our speed limit of 25 mph.  Driving across at higher speeds is quite noisy and uncomfortable and, if the speeds are high enough, can damage the suspension and undercarriage.


            The decision to accept the City program is up to the residents.  The Board’s support for this program is based on both personal observations and numerous complaints received from residents regarding the high speeds of certain drivers in the neighborhood.


            Lee’s Crossing homeowners will find this issue on the Board of Directors ballot to be returned with your 2008 Association dues, and the Board asks that you carefully consider the issue and vote.


Reasons to be for Speed Tables:


1) Speed tables can be traversed comfortably at the speed limit (25 mph) and any inconvenience is largely imposed on those who refuse to obey the speed limits.


2) Speed tables do lower speeds where they are installed.  We currently hear complaints of drivers going as much as 50+ mph on the long stretches of Lee’s Trace.  A car traveling at just 30 mph requires an additional 24 feet to stop vs. traveling at 25 mph.  Traffic that observes our 25 mph speed limit is an obvious safety benefit to our residents.


3) The presence of speed tables may lessen the volume of traffic cutting through our neighborhood from Dallas Highway through Battleview.


4) Numerous studies conclude that speed related accidents decline substantially where speed tables are installed. (See www.trafficcalming.org)


5) Unlike occasional police presence and radar signs, speed tables are effective 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


6) The cost of installation and maintenance is to be borne by the City.

Reasons to be Against Speed Tables:


1) Vehicle damage may occur by driving over the speed table at excessive speeds.


2) A driver who ignores the warning sign and hits a speed table a very high rate of speed may lose control of the car and crash, injuring himself and, possibly, others.


3) Emergency vehicles are forced to drive the speed limit over the speed tables.  Studies indicate that a 50,000 lb. fire truck will be delayed 3 to 5 seconds for every speed table crossed (a likely total delay to the back of the neighborhood of 6 to 10 seconds).  The fire chief in Marietta is opposed to speed tables.  While Marietta currently has no speed tables, Cobb County has 500+ and the county fire chief is not opposed.  The Marietta Police Chief is also not opposed.


4) Drivers of low slung, exotic cars may need to use extra care traversing a speed table.  However such cars should have less difficulty with speed tables than the more steeply angled curbs to driveways.


5) The speed table accompanied by a warning sign on each side of the road is, to some, visually unattractive.


            Evidence shows speed tables do slow down drivers exceeding the speed limit and will, all things considered, make our neighborhood safer for pedestrians, joggers, bikers, and kids walking home from school or enjoying a bike ride.  Each resident should consider if this benefit is more or less important than the inconvenience imposed by having to slow down.



Nominations for the Board of Directors


The Board of Directors for the Lee’s Crossing Homes Association consists of seven individuals elected by the members of the Association, six who serve staggered two-year terms and one who serves an annual term as Treasurer.


This February, homeowners will elect three Directors for two-year terms and the Treasurer for a one-year term, with all terms beginning March 1, 2008. The Directors currently occupying these seats are Erroll Eckford, Noel Follrath and Jim Martin. Each of these individuals has agreed to serve another term if re-elected.  The current Treasurer is Rob Ottley, and he will not seek another term.


Individual resident homeowners who are in good standing with the Association and who consent to serve as a Director or Treasurer may have their name submitted to the nominating committee for inclusion on the ballot. Nominees must be current on all assessments, must pay their 2008 assessments by the close of balloting on February 20, 2008 and must not be subject to any unsatisfied Association fines or liens.


The nominating committee consists of Kevin Brown, Walt Walker, and Steve Young.

Nominations must be in writing and must be received by the committee on or before November 30th. Nominations should be mailed to the attention of the nominating committee at P.O. Box 1013, Marietta, GA 30061.

New Year’s Eve Party


New Year's Eve is just around the corner.  We will have a casino party with dancing again this year.  You may purchase discounted tickets for $10 per person right now!  Ticket price will go up as we get closer to the BIG event!  Put a check, along with the printed name and address of each attendee in an envelope and put in mailbox at 1055 Chestnut Hill Circle.



Thanksgiving Week Trash Pickup Schedule



Monday and Thursday

Monday (1 Day Only)


Tuesday and Friday

Tuesday (1 Day Only)

Brush/Yard Waste




Thursday and Friday

No newspaper pick-up


No Service on Thursday

Routes delayed one day Friday and Saturday



Expanded State Watering Ban

NOTE:  The City of Marietta, like most of North Georgia is under a COMPLETE OUTDOOR WATERING BAN.  Please be a good neighbor and honor this ban. Fines are hefty for those who choose to water their lawns anyway.

Warnings are issued for a first offense. Subsequent offenses result in escalating fines for each offense up to $500, water service disconnection and prosecution.

The following tips are from the website of Conserve Water Georgia (conservewatergeorgia.net)

  • Wash only full loads of dishes and laundry
  • Take a shower rather than a bath (shorten showers to 5 minutes)
  • Think before you flush (every flush uses between  2 to 7 gallons of water) – consider installing low-flow toilets
  • Fix leaks
  • Turn off lights when you are not in the room & cut air/heat back when you are gone (electricity production uses water)
  • Defrost overnight in refrigerator,  in microwave, or in a bowl of water rather than running water over food until it thaws
  • Limit dishwasher to full loads only or hand wash
  • Reuse clean household water.  Collect the water you run waiting for hot water to use for cleaning, plants, pet water, or other miscellaneous uses around the house
  • Avoid using the garbage disposal.  (Or use left over dish water)
  • Use a glass for rinse water when brushing teeth instead of letting water run
  • Use an electric razor

If you have any water conservation ideas, send them to www.leescrossing@comcast.net.  We will try to use them in upcoming newsletters as space permits.


2007 Gobble Jog on the Square

The Gobble Jog is a Thanksgiving Day event featuring a 1K, 5K, a 10K run/walk and the Tot Trot (for kids 5 and under). The Gobble Jog is certified as a qualifier for seeding in the Peachtree Road Race and the US 10K Classic.

Join us on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2007 on the Historic Marietta Square for this great cause! All proceeds benefit  MUST Ministries, a faith-based, non-profit organization ministering to the homeless and hurting in our community.

See www.gobblejog.org to obtain more information or register.




Welcome New Neighbors!


We would like to welcome the following to the neighborhood:


George & Rosemary Beggs                  1212 Fielding Court

Frasure Hunter                         1090 Chestnut Hill Circle

Wesley Parrish                         569 Lee’s Trace




The Holidays are fast approaching.  IF you want to use the clubhouse, remember to book your party early.  For Holiday rentals between Thanksgiving and January 2nd, cancellations within 90 days of the date will be subject to forfeiture of the fee.  The rental fee and deposit must be paid at time of rental to confirm the date.  Call Debbie Kelleher  678-354-7042.   






Mailbox Post Cleaning and Painting


Our neighbor, Walter Dean, has graciously volunteered to clean and paint the mailbox post of anyone in Lee’s Crossing who needs this work done.  This is a no charge service.  If you would like to schedule a time for Walter to do this work at your home, please call him at 404-862-3895.



Neighborhood Notaries:


            Greg Amaden                           Lee’s Trace                              770-429-9264

Angela G. Ford                        Lee’s Trace                              678-234-7430

David Hardy                             Harrowgrove Court                 770-427-6319

Rebecca Jordan                        Cedar Branch Court                 770-427-1935

Carolyn Richardson                  Cedar Branch Court                 770-427-9900

Barbara Stubbs                        Trailwood Lane                        770-425-6991

Angelia Trevathan                     Basil Court                               770-528-9052

Margaret H. Waldrep               Chestnut Hill Circle       770-514-0821

Cecilia E. White                        Trailwood Lane                        678-797-6209



If you are a Notary and are willing to help out your neighbors, please send your name and phone number to leescrossing@comcast.net.  We will publish these in upcoming newsletters as a service to the neighborhood.





For Sale

Condo at UGA for sale.  Great for your college student.  Next to campus and on the UGA bus line.  Very safe location.  Two large bedrooms, with 1 double bath and a ½ bath downstairs.  New this year:  HVAC, carpet, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and paint.  Has its own washer and dryer.  Other condos in same association selling from $88K-$92K.  Will sell for $86K.  Three of my children lived in this Condo.  Great investment.  Call Vic at (770) 427-2586.  The Condo is currently rented through December.


Babysitting Available

Resident of Lee`s Crossing would like to babysit a 18-24 month child 3-4 days a week from 8a.m.to 5-30 pm. I am a  Mom of a 21 month old son and have a University degree in Pshychopedagogy, which means I have knowledge in early child age development. I also received CPR training in December of 2005.  Contact Diana Costin at 404-242-7175.


For Sale

Exercise bike.  Ridden briefly by pudgy old man.  Almost like new.  $35.  Mike Mullins, 770-423-1635.


For Sale

Nearly new beautiful white changing table, never used - complete with changing pad, safety strap and pad cover.  Solid wood, spindle rails, two shelves.  We had another one downstairs, so this one was never used.  Original cost - over $100.00. Asking $45.00 for all pieces.  770-514-9722


For Sale

Chippendale Sofa - Ivory damask fabric in excellent condition.  Eight-way hand tied construction with hardwood frame.  At 76 inches long this sofa is a great piece for a smaller living room or even the sitting room of a bedroom. $500.


Antique English Burled Walnut Wardrobe - Beautiful condition.  Inside there is a bar for hanging clothes on one side and open shelves on the other side.  At the bottom there are 2 drawers. A beautiful storage piece. Size is 72"t x 37"w x 21"d $550. 


If interested contact Joyce at 770-919-9473 or 678-640-6249.


For Sale

Large, traditional glass top coffee table.  Cherry finish, excellent condition.  $75.00 or BEST OFFER  Call Robin or Max Stafford at 770-420-0587 or 678-429-1946.


Marietta Charter School Uniforms

If you have a child attending the Marietta Charter School, I have some boys uniform shirts and a jacket that you may have.   Not sure of the size exactly but they'd fit most Kindergarteners, normal 1st graders, maybe 2nd graders, and small 3rd grader.  Call or email Beth Garrett if your interested at 770-425-8970, bgarrett@lovett.org.



Pet Sitting & Baby Sitting

Pet sitting and babysitting done by a 16 year old with lots of experience.  Please call Audrey Coots (770) 426-7652.



NOTE:  When submitting classified ads, please make sure to submit contact information as well as how long you would like for the classified to run (i.e., one issue, two issues, etc.).  Thanks.




Calendar of Events

Around the Neighborhood and Around Town


11/11-12/30                                         Sweet Apple Christmas                        Theatre in the Square


11/11               3:00 pm – 5:00pm        Veterans Day Parade                            Marietta Square


11/20-12/30                                         Sanders Family Christmas                     Theatre in the Square


11/22               7:00am – 10:00am        Gobble Jog                                           Marietta Square


11/29               5:00pm – 8:00pm         Christmas in the Square                        Marietta Square


You can receive weekly updates on happenings in the city by subscribing to the Marietta e-news.  Go to http://www.mariettaga.gov/news/subscribe.aspx for further information and to sign up!




Around Town


Holiday Market:  Saturday, November 11 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.  Holiday market, bake sale and silent auction.  More than 30 vendors selling unique holiday creations, decorative items, embroidery, creative children’s gifts, original jewelry, crafts, hand painted treasures, gift baskets and more!  A Silent Auction will offer items from local restaurants, get-a-ways, golf packages, sports memorabilia, and many other fabulous gifts!  Due West United Methodist Church, Family Life Center, 3956 Due West Road, Marietta.  For more information, call Karen Coffeen at (770) 590-0982.





November 16th & 17th

Friday, 1-5pm & 6-9pm

Saturday, 10am-4pm


5393 Owl Creek Pointe, Powder Springs, GA 30127

Brown’s Farm Subdivision in West Cobb County

Contact Angelia Trevathan at 770-528-9052 or Julie Easley at

770-794-8719 for directions and further information


The annual Open House will feature 10 home-based businesses for you to explore.  Wander around the rooms of the house tasting and experiencing the benefits of what these businesses have to offer.  Great gift ideas just in time for holiday gift giving!  Each business will have a door prize drawing or a special Open House offer for you.  The businesses participating this year are:


Arbonne (anti aging skincare, aromatherapy, & cosmetics)Kathleen Snider

Blessed Toys (inspirational and faith based toys) … Jamie Taylor

Creative Memories (Custom Framing, Photo Albums & Digital Photo Solutions) … Julie Easley

JT Designs (personalized notes & invitations) … Jane Bishop/Traci Brun

Living Water (Candles & Food Mixes benefitting Cobb Street Ministries), Michelle DeFrancesco & Julie Schafer

Longaberger (baskets, pottery, wrought iron & fabric accessories) … Lori Camp

Mary Kay Cosmetics (spa products, fragrances, skincare & color cosmetics) … Jennifer Lovett

Pampered Chef (kitchen gadgets & cookware) … Angelia Trevathan

Premier Designs (high fashion jewelry) … Donna Englett

Snazzy Linens (Decorative holiday items and gifts) … Rhonda Stegall & Debra Smith


Everyone welcome!  We hope you’ll bring a friend and stop by to join in on the fun!



Beautiful RED Poinsettias delivered to your doorstep!!!! Eastside Christian School's 8th grade is selling poinsettias for the holidays. We will deliver them right to your door during the last week of November. We use a grower who brings them fresh to us. They last much longer than typical store bought poinsettias and are just beautiful. We have had RAVE reviews about these plants.


6" - $8                                                 8" - $14                                   10" - $18


ORDER BY November 10th: To order, email to Cindi at Cfiler@bellsouth.net with the number of each size you would like and then drop a check in my mailbox (1039 Chestnut Hill Circle) made out to Eastside Christian School. These would make great gifts for clients, teachers or coaches........AND you will be supporting the 8th graders at Eastside!


Step Up for a Healthier You!


Register today for Step It Up Fitness, a dynamic 16-session exercise program designed by certified professionals to help you, your family and your friends, to Step It Up to a healthier lifestyle.




·        Whitefield Academy (Vinings);

·        The Walker School (Marietta);

·        First Baptist Church of Smyrna


Call 678-528-9774 or go to  www.stepitupfitness.com for more information.

A new 8:15 am Marietta class is now being offered.  In addition, there is a $25 discount for Lee’s Crossing residents.



Neighborhood Business Spotlight


If you would like to advertise your business, please send us a BRIEF paragraph giving pertinent information about your company along with contact information.  Submissions will printed first come – first serve each month, based on space.  Competitors will not be published in the same month.  Send your information to leescrossing@comcast.net.


Does your business need a "user-friendly" Web site? Could your family benefit from an  affordable, fun online way to keep members -from GA to CA-informed about the latest goings on? Then Diana Designs can help. I'd love to talk to you if you ever thought about a Web site but assumed it must cost "an arm and a leg." Please visit me at www.Diana-Designs.net to link to some of the sites I've developed. I offer gift certificates for that wonderful, one-of-a-kind holiday gift. And if  nota Web site, then perhaps a piece of original artwork or note cards, all wellwithin most anyone's budget, will meet-and exceed!-your needs. – Diana Black, 770.514.8246




I Recommend……

Paul and Amy Sherwood would like to highly recommend "Our Computer Guy", Tony Kabchef.  “He was able to make our Home PC work better than ever before! He upgraded our PC, added protection software and cleaned out unnecessary files that slowed down our computer.  He also gave us some great recommendations regarding the types of hardware and software to add to increase our PC's efficiency as well as where to get the best prices. Tony is a seasoned professional who has tackled major PC issues for large businesses.  He is responsive, prompt and very knowledgeable.  He also can explain the issues in user-friendly language, which we really appreciate.  As an added plus, his service is quite reasonably priced.”  If you need Computer Support, please contact Tony via email at:  kabchefpc@bellsouth.net; or by phone at (770)426-7208. 

Sandie Wilson would like to HIGHLY recommend Custom Chimney Sweeping (Jimmy & Connie at 770-591-8110) and  Ocampo Painting.  They are extremely responsive, reliable, trustworthy, timely, and REASONABLY priced!!

“I contacted Jim at Custom Chimney Sweeping at the recommendation of my next door neighbor.  While sweeping and evaluating my chimney Jim ran across a couple of problems (which he took polaroid photos of so there could be no mistake!!).  The flue liner at the top of the chimney needed to be extended so the liner could contain the product of combustion (this was due to faulty construction by my homebuilder)  and also the rain pan was rusted.  There were gaps in the flue liner causing it not to be able to contain the product of combustion, also needed to be raised to draw properly.  The rain pan needed to be replaced due to rust.  I was told that rain pans can cause unsightly damage to your siding, (which is almost impossible to remove) they can also cause damage to the inside of your chimney due to water and debris being able to get in from rusting out and causing holes. The rain pan sits on the top of your chimney chase if you’re looking from the ground up.  All you’ll see is the lip of it hanging over a few inches.  If you are experiencing rust you are in need of a new rain pan.  Jimmy did find siding damage behind my chimney while up on my roof and I immediately called Ocampo Painting (in our neighborhood).  Ocampo fixed the siding problems within 48 hours of my call.

Custom Chimney Sweeping can handle all of your fireplace and dryer vent needs and repairs.  For those of you that are tired of burning wood they also sell and install gas logs.  This is a Family owned and operated business since 1988.  Licensed, insured and certified in both chimneys and dryer vents.  Please check out their website @www.customchimneysweeping.com to see all the services they provide.”




Robin and Max Stafford would like to heartily endorse JOAN and ROGER CRAVEN of Craven Creations Interior Design Company. Joan and Roger work on any size job, either by the job, or by the hour. They have been in business 35 years.  Their work is flawless, and the price is fair. They do kitchens, baths, remodels, and all interior design.  Joan and Roger also have a company, Silver Lining Moves, that assists seniors (or empty nesters) in moving, downsizing, scaling -down furniture, and arranging the move from start to finish.  Craven Creations 770-971-0543.



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Mailbox Repair:  If you need a new post call Bob Schoonover at 770-422-8774, new number placard call Tom McBrayer at 770-427-8057, or paint call Noel Follrath at 770-426-0623.



Clubhouse Rental:  Debbie Kelleher 678-354-7042


Board Members

Erroll Eckford, President     770-421-9738                                          Kevin Brown, Director – External      770-528-9094

656 Trailwood Lane                                                                             1205 Fielding Court


Steve Young, Secretary       770-423-0905                                         Jim Martin, Director   770-420-3484

380 Baskin Drive                                                                                  1139 Chestnut Hills Circle


Rob Ottley, Treasurer            770-424-4188                                       Walt Walker, Director  - Swim/Tennis Liaison

583 Briarmeade Drive                                                                           770-428-4755

                                                                                                                 1060 Foreststone Way


Noel Follrath, Director – at large         770-423-0623                       Covenant Enforcement

1214 Meadowmist Way                                                                                      Mary Weibel

                                                                                                                                Community One Associates

                                                                                                                                1102 Abbey Court

Alpharetta, GA  30004

678-624-9453   ext 303




Board Email: leescrossing@comcast.net