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Monthly Newsletter                                                              May 2007


From the President…


May brings the end of another school year and the opening of our pool season at the clubhouse facilities.  Swim team practices and swim meets will begin soon.  The pool will officially open for all residents with our season opening party on Saturday, May 26, Memorial Day Weekend.  Hours are Saturdays 10-9, Sundays 12-9, Weekdays 11-9 until school resumes in August.  As in the past, the lifeguard positions at the pool will be staffed mostly by residents of the neighborhood.  Please be courteous and respectful of their responsibility to manage the pool and enforce the rules to ensure an enjoyable time for all residents.  Below are the updated operating rules for our recreational facilities.  Please review them closely as changes have been made since last year.  Enjoy your summer at the pool.


As always, if you have questions or comments, please give me a call.


Best Regards,






Revised:April 1, 2007




1.      The recreational facilities are common property of the Lee’s Crossing Homes Association (the Association) and are available to residents current in their assessments and their eligible guests. All users must abide by the operating rules and the right to use may be suspended for failure to comply.

2.      The Association may require sign-up sheets, ID tags, etc. or any other measures deemed appropriate.

3.      Users of the facilities agree to do so at their own risk.  Users specifically agree to hold harmless the Officers, Directors, and Operating Committee members in their official capacity and all homeowners in their capacity as owners of the facilities.

4.      Vulgar language, excessive drinking, or any other conduct that endangers others or unreasonably interferes with the enjoyment of the facilities by others is prohibited.

5.      No glass containers are allowed within the recreation area.  Food and drink are not to be left unattended and should promptly be placed in covered trash containers.

6.      Pets are not allowed within the pool or tennis facilities. Dogs may be allowed on the grassy areas but must be on leashes. Owners must clean up after their pets promptly.

7.      The playground equipment shall only be used for its intended purpose and appropriate supervision is required when used by younger children.

8.      Individual members of the Board or Operating Committee shall have the authority to ban any user of the facilities for a period not to exceed 48 hours.  The lifeguards shall have the same authority for periods up to 24 hours.  The Board may ban violators from the facilities for periods not to exceed one year.  Such suspensions shall not entitle the affected user to a refund of any fees or assessments.

9.      The Operating Rules are to protect the enjoyment and safety of all users, the rights of residents, and the facilities.  The Board may revise these rules from time to time to further these purposes.

10.  The telephone at the pool is provided for the business use of the Association and for safety.  Personal calls should be minimized and must be limited to one minute.

11.  Loitering in the parking lot is prohibited.



1.      An individual adult resident, or a group of adult residents, may admit no more than five guests to the recreational facilities at one time, except for Private Parties and except for youth parties described in paragraph two below.  Residents between the ages of 10 and 14, or groups of residents between the ages of 10 and 14 may admit no more than two guests to the recreational facilities at one time. Residents under the age of ten may not admit any guests without the presence of an adult accompanying resident.  Only one tennis court may be used by any such group.  A member must accompany all guests and each guest may be invited to the pool only five times per year, regardless of the number of different sponsoring hosts.

2.      An individual adult resident or a group of adult residents may invite up to fourteen guests under the age of fifteen for a youth pool and/or tennis party, etc. Such parties shall require pavilion or clubhouse rental through the Board (or such manager the Board appoints).

3.      The restrictions regarding guests, other than being accompanied by a resident, do not apply to house guests visiting a member for more than one day, nor do they apply to Private Parties.



1.      The pool season will begin on the first Saturday in May following the close of the Marietta City Schools and will end on Monday evening of the Labor Day weekend.   Normal operating hours shall be from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, and from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday. After the end of the Marietta City Schools’ summer recess, the pool will be open on Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m., plus normal hours on weekends and on Labor Day. The pool may be closed on a limited number of evenings for neighborhood social functions or when the Lee’s Crossing Swim Team hosts a swim meet.

2.      The pool will only be open while under the supervision of a management company lifeguard. The lifeguards shall have the authority to enforce all operating rules and may also close the pool due to inclement weather or any safety related issues.

3.      Users of the pool facilities agree to do so at their own risk.  Those without adequate skills and maturity must not use the pool without direct supervision.  A responsible individual, at least twelve years of age, must supervise children under the age of nine.  Older children may use the pool without supervision, provided that they are able to behave appropriately, swim the length of the pool, and tread water for two minutes.  The Club shall have no duty to examine individuals and failure to deny use shall not be considered an acceptance or certification of ability.

4.      All users of the pool must wear swimming attire that is appropriate for a family oriented facility. Unusually brief suits or thong style bottoms are prohibited. “Speedo” or “racing” style suits for males are prohibited except when participating in swim meets or except for children under the age of fourteen.  Suits that are transparent or translucent (except for the midriff) are prohibited. The lifeguard, members of the Operating Committee and members of the Board shall have the right to ask offenders to cover up, change or leave the facilities, in addition to any other sanctions allowed herein.

5.      Infants must wear rubber pants and diapers alone are not allowable in either the main or wading pool.

6.      Wet swimsuits may not be worn in the clubhouse main rooms, except when seeking shelter from stormy weather.

7.      Absolutely no running is allowed within the pool area.  Diving or jumping into the pool must be from the pool edge only, and not from any raised object (except members of the swim team may use racing blocks at the deep end for supervised team practice and meets).  Diving shall be limited to “racing” (shallow angle) dives and is only allowed in the deep end of the pool (with depth markings of 6 feet).  With the exception of small children with their parents, riding on shoulders is prohibited. Pushing or throwing of persons is prohibited.

8.      The lifeguard or any Board or operating committee member may prohibit the use of any large flotation device or any other object which, in their discretion, interferes with the enjoyment of the pool by others.

9.      One to two lanes of the pool may be roped off and restricted to lap swimming. Users must stay off of any such lane ropes.

10.  Once per hour (at ten minutes before the hour), the lifeguards may be off duty for a period of ten minutes.  When this occurs, all children must exit the pool (including the pool steps and walls) and only individuals 16 or older may swim.

11.  Only authorized personnel may use the lifeguard stand, enter the pool equipment room, or enter the lifeguard’s closet.

12.  The provision of group or private swimming lessons is limited to lifeguards or coaches with the managing company or others allowed by the Board or Operating Committee.  The Association makes no representation as to the qualifications of the instructors or the safety of their programs.  Those taking such lessons agree to do so at their own risk.  Lessons are limited to residents only unless the lesson is part of a Lee’s Crossing team practice and the non-resident is on the team.



1.      Only residents shall be eligible for the swim team, except that the team manager may accept non-residents to field a more complete team.  Team membership shall require separate dues and non-residents shall pay an incremental fee to be determined by the Board.

2.      An individual chosen by the Operating Committee shall manage the team.  The team manager, in absence of direction by the Operating Committee, shall have the authority to manage the swim team in the manner he or she deems appropriate.

3.      The swim team shall be able to reserve the pool for practices from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., Mondays through Thursdays (holidays excluded) for the first five weeks of the swim season, for scheduled meets and for a team party at the end of the season. 



1.      The courts are only for tennis.  Pets, big wheels, bicycles, skateboards, glass containers, etc. are strictly prohibited.

2.      The courts are restricted to residents current in their assessments and invited guests only.

3.      The courts are to be locked before and after use.

4.      Tennis court play is limited to the hours of 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

5.      Residents may reserve the courts up to two weeks in advance by signing the reservation sheet on the reservation board.  Reservations are to be in one-hour increments with a two-hour maximum per match.  Individuals may not reserve courts on an on-going basis, but must sign up each week even if they desire the same court and time.  On weekends or after 7 p.m. on weeknights, the courts may not be reserved for children under twelve years of age.

6.      Except for reservations for team practices or matches, reservations are void if the court is not claimed within 20 minutes of the reservation time.  After that time, the court is available on a first come, first serve basis. 

7.      Individuals using the courts must wear tennis shoes and proper attire at all times.  Spectators (including children) shall remain outside the courts and shall not interfere with play.

8.      Court users are to clean the area of discarded cans, balls, etc. after use and should empty the courtside receptacles when full.

9.      Courteous behavior is expected from all users and loud or disorderly conduct will not be permitted.

10.  Individuals using a court next to a match scheduled for league play must avoid the unreasonable disruption of the league match or must surrender the court.

11.  Group or private tennis lessons may be given with the permission of the Operating Committee on a non-interfering basis within normal operating hours. The Association makes no representations as to the qualifications of the instructors or the safety of their programs.  Those taking such lessons agree to do so at their own risk.  Lessons are limited to residents only unless part of a Lee’s Crossing team practice and the non-resident is on the team.



1.      Team use of the facilities shall be with Operating Committee approval.  In order to provide tennis playing residents with the opportunity to play on an ALTA or USTA team in Lee’s Crossing, team captains may add up to 6 non-resident members without Board approval when sufficient numbers of residents are not available to comprise teams at given skill levels.  Each non-resident will be required to pay a $20 fee per season (a season is defined as any three month period).  Non-resident team members shall not be eligible to be the captain or co-captain and may not use the courts at any time other than team practices or matches (except as an invited guest of a resident).

2.      Tennis teams shall be entitled to the exclusive use of up to three courts for official matches during the league season, and the exclusive use of two courts for practice on one evening a week a few weeks before and during the league season.  Tennis teams may use more than two courts for practice only if no one else is using or has signed up for the additional courts.  Team members may not sign up for a court as an individual at the same time their team is practicing.  Tennis teams are also entitled to the use of the pavilion during official matches.

3.      Team captains must submit team rosters to the Operating Committee for approval prior to league play.  Captains must reserve the courts for matches and team practices as soon as league schedules are available.

4.      Captains should obtain from the Operating Committee keys to the clubhouse so that restrooms are available during practices and matches.  Such keys are not to be used at any other time and should be promptly returned at the end of the season.  It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure that the courts, outside areas, pavilion, and restroom facilities are secured and reasonably clean after each scheduled match.

5.      In the absence of direction from the Operating Committee, each captain shall have full authority to manage his or her team as he or she deems appropriate.

6.      Team captains should meet prior to each season to minimize potential conflicts in court usage.




1.      Residents who are current with their assessments may reserve the pool for exclusive use private parties outside of operating hours. Applications, fee schedules, and use guidelines are available via the Board or through an individual the Board designates.

2.      The persons reserving the pool for a private party must use at least one management company lifeguard for every 25 participants expected to swim. Each guard is to be employed for a minimum of two hours.

3.      Private pool parties, for persons under the age of 21, must have at least one adult (over 21) chaperone present for each ten guests.

4.      Use of the pool during such private parties will be in consideration of the neighborhood and shall be subject to all other rules, except those regarding guest eligibility. Any sound amplification shall be moderated so as not to interfere with the enjoyment of property and outside speakers shall be pointed towards the clubhouse.

5.      The sponsor of the private pool party will be responsible for cleaning the facilities at the conclusion of the party.  Cleaning shall include picking up and bagging all litter, wiping up all spills, sweeping, vacuuming etc. The sponsor additionally agrees to be responsible for any damage to the facilities.


1.      Clubhouse rental is available to residents current in their assessments. Rental of the clubhouse will not include the use of the pool or pool pavilion unless outside of normal operating hours and is subject to those provisions listed under Private Parties. Clubhouse rental, during normal pool operating hours, may only include use of the pool deck immediately surrounding the back porch of the new clubhouse.

2.      Other specific rules regarding clubhouse rental may be enumerated separately in clubhouse rules and rental documents.  



Around the Neighborhood





Annual Pool Opening


It's that time of year again, opening day at the pool on Memorial Day weekend.  Come enjoy the pool, see old friends, enjoy free food and beverages as we once again welcome in a new season of pool fun and relaxation.



The pool opening is Saturday, May 26th, at 10:00 am.  To mark this event, and, of course, Memorial Day, we plan to throw a party.  Starting at 1:00 pm, enjoy Brunswick stew, pork barbeque, hot dogs, (hamburger rolls and hot dog rolls included), Aunt Peg's Baked Beans, cole slaw, and potato chips as you relax in the sun thinking about all those wonderful days of summer ahead.



Sodas and beer will also be provided, along with cookies, water melon, popsicles and perhaps even a DJ for some musical entertainment.  We will serve until everything runs out. 



Don't miss the fun.  Hope to see you there!


From Janet Duncan


Well we’re close to all the summer fun poolside!  But first a BIG Thank you to Judie Ebert and her kids and other volunteers for organizing a spectacular Easter egg hunt.  I understand the 30 kids or so that came were all very pleased with their find and being able to meet the Easter Bunny in person.





See the flyer in this newsletter regarding the opening day/Memorial Day pool party coming up.  We’ll have free food, beverage and DJ.  Come on out and visit with your neighborhood friends and meet new neighbors.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a good game of volleyball going and/or a good game of chess.  You might even be able to scrounge up a good foursome for a nice game of tennis.  Remember these are your facilities and events that your dues pay for….we encourage you to use them, come and HAVE FUN!



Keep in mind we plan to have a cookout for July 4th and Labor Day as well. 




Tennis Court Concerns


We will begin locking the tennis courts when the pool opens for the summer. You may get the combination from Board members, lifeguards, Gordon Pfeiffer or team captains. We are not publishing the combination in the newsletter to avoid distribution to non-residents.


Please remember that the courts are only for tennis, not baseball, skating, big wheels or whatever. Please familiarize yourself with the rules concerning appropriate attire, court behavior, guest eligibility, etc. Please empty the trash cans when full, lock the courts and turn out the lights when not in use.




Ladies Summer Book Club


The ladies of First Baptist Church of Marietta are having a Summer Book Club at the Lee’s Crossing Clubhouse, and we would love for you to join us!  This is our second annual summer book club, and we had so much fun last year that we can’t wait to get started again.


This summer, we will be reading A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers, a collection of five novellas telling the stories of the women listed in the lineage of Jesus:  Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary.  These are fictionalized accounts based on the Biblical scriptures with a powerful message of grace throughout.  We will be meeting on four Tuesdays this summer (June 5th, June 26th, July 10th, and July 24th) at 7pm in the Lee’s Crossing clubhouse.  Our books have to be ordered from out of the country, so we have to order them by May 5th or so to get them back in time for our first meeting.  Childcare is available by reservation.  For more information or to register, please contact Karla Jacobs at 770-428-4739 or karlajacobs@aol.com.




REMINDER:  Monday, May 28 is a holiday for the City of Marietta.  Here is the trash pickup schedule for that week.


                                                  Normal Pickup                           Holiday Week Schedule


Monday and Thursday

Tuesday and Thursday


Tuesday and Friday

Wednesday and Friday

Brush/Yard Waste


No Brush /Yard Waste Pick Up


Thursday and Friday

Thursday and Friday


No service on Monday

Routes delayed one day all week



Calling All Scrapbookers, Stampers and Crafters...


On Friday, May 11 of the month the Lee's Crossing Clubhouse will be open for you come down and have some time to work on your favorite crafting past time.  Tables and chairs will be set up, all you need to bring are the items you need to work with and a snack and beverage - you can also bring a friend!


Clubhouse will be open from 7pm until the last person leaves.


If you have any questions, please call Debbie Brown at 770-528-9094.







Expanded State Watering Ban


The following is from the City of Marietta’s website:


Declared Drought Response Level Two

The city of Marietta is requesting residents and businesses observe water restrictions set by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources that ban outdoor water use from 10 a.m. to midnight Saturdays through Thursdays. No outdoor water use is permitted on Fridays. Outdoor water use is allowed during non-banned hours on scheduled days as follows:

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday: even numbered or unnumbered addresses may water from 12:01 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. only.

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday: odd numbered addresses may water from 12:01 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. only.

Marietta Water will strictly enforce the restrictions. Warnings are issued for a first offense. Subsequent offenses result in escalating fines for each offense up to $500, water service disconnection and prosecution.

For more information, call 770-794-5229.



Swim Team News


Registration for the Lee’s Crossing Cyclones Swim Team was a big success.  We have lots of returning swimmers and a fair number of new participates as well.  I have been contacted by several others about possibly joining and I would encourage you to do so soon.  We currently have openings in all age groups, but some are filling up.


Practices will start Monday May 14th (weather permitting).  The schedule for those first two weeks is as follows:


M/W    4:30-5:00 – 6 & under’s                      T/Th     4:30-5:00 - 9&10’s

             5:00-5:30 – 7 & 8’s                                        5:00-5:30 - 11 & up’s


Our meets will be held on Tuesday nights this year.  We will be at home on June 12th and 19th – for those of you not participating this means the pool will close early these days, but if you have never seen the team in action feel free to stop by and check us out!


If there are any questions feel free to contact Susan Herr @ 770-499-9354 or sdherr@comcast.net.


Our neighbor, Walter Dean, has graciously volunteered to clean and paint the mailbox post of anyone in Lee’s Crossing who needs this work done.  This is a no charge service.  If you would like to schedule a time for Walter to do this work at your home, please call him at 404-862-3895.




 Newsletter by E-Mail


Quite a few of us have signed up to receive the newsletter via e-mail.  If you haven’t done so, please consider a few advantages.  Getting the newsletter via e-mail not only saves money for the HOA, but also saves paper.  You will also get the e-mail version earlier than the paper version (depending on editor/stringer schedules, maybe several days earlier).  Having a mostly e-mail distribution allows a later cut-off date for articles and also allows events the first couple of days of the month to be included in the current newsletter.  Please consider signing up for e-mail delivery.  Send your request to leescrossing@comcast.net.


For those of you who are already signed up for e-mail distribution – if your e-mail address changes, please make sure to notify us! 




Welcome New Neighbors


We would like to welcome the following to the neighborhood:


Lee & Kelly Napier                                          882 Park Creek Court



Neighborhood Notaries:


            Greg Amaden                           Lee’s Trace                              770-429-9264

Angela G. Ford                        Lee’s Trace                              678-234-7430

David Hardy                             Harrowgrove Court                 770-427-6319

Rebecca Jordan                        Cedar Branch Court                 770-427-1935

Carolyn Richardson                  Cedar Branch Court                 770-427-9900

Barbara Stubbs                        Trailwood Lane                        770-425-6991

Angelia Trevathan                     Basil Court                               770-528-9052

Cecilia E. White                        Trailwood Lane                        678-797-6209


If you are a Notary and are willing to help out your neighbors, please send your name and phone number to leescrossing@comcast.net.  We will publish these in upcoming newsletters as a service to the neighborhood.



Babysitter Needed

We are looking for a fun-loving and energetic summer babysitter in the neighborhood for our two boys, ages 3 and almost 2. Three days a week from 9 a.m. til 2 p.m., but we're flexible if needed. Must enjoy being outside! Call Lee (770) 317-7374 or e-mail leeabare@yahoo.com 


Swim Lessons

My name is Brittany Funk and I am a trained swim instructor. I have also have been coaching for a couple years at a local High School.  References upon request. 404-725-1758.



Solid oak Roll Top Desk.  52” wide, 46” tall, 29” deep.  Hand made by Amish of Pennsylvania.  $800.00.  Call Vic  678.467.9901.



All furniture items in like new condition and are excellent quality.

Day Bed- $400.00 Wood and wrought iron, originally purchased at Haverty's.

Cherry wood double sided desk with built in bookcase / shelves $300.00

Dressmaker Sewing machine with wood cabinet $50.00

Uniden phone set of 2 for $25.00

Sears refrigerator - dorm size - black $75.00


2002 Ford F350 XL Dooley  7.4 Turbo Diesel Auto, extended cab 4 door white Custom heavy duty flat bed and running boards well maintained $16,900.00 OBO.


1999 International Box Truck 4700 NON CDL 26 ft. roll up doors DT 466 Manual Shift Air Rated 26,000 Lb Load Duel Fuel tanks. Well maintained 171,000 miles $13,500.OBO


Call LaDonna (678)575-1945



Black Fender Starcaster guitar.  Great condition, $60.00. Call Austin at 770-426-8937.



GE 17.9 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator, Bisque color $400 OBO.  GE Profile 2.1 Cu. Ft. Capacity, 1200 watt Microwave oven, bisque color $75 OBO.  Both appliances are three years old, but have only been used for one year and are in great condition.  Call Heather or Raza Kazmi at 678-354-9515.



I am 20 years old and have lots of experience. Brittany Funk  770-421-9620 or 404-725-1758


NOTE:  When submitting classified ads, please make sure to submit contact information as well as how long you would like for the classified to run (i.e., one issue, two issues, etc.).  Thanks.


For those of you with items for sale, please contact us when they sale so we can delete your classified.

Calendar of Events

Around the Neighborhood and Around Town


Every Thursday in May Noon               Brown Bag Concert Series

                                                                           Marietta Square


5/5-5/6                                     10:00 – 6:00     May-retta Daze Arts & Crafts Festival

                                                                           Marietta Square


5/25                                         8:00 pm            Glover Park Concert Series – JR’s Big Band

                                                                           Marietta Square


5/26                                         10:00 am          Neighborhood Pool Opening Party



You can receive weekly updates on happenings in the city by subscribing to the Marietta e-news.  Go to http://www.mariettaga.gov/news/subscribe.aspx for further information and to sign up!




Around Town


Glover Park Concert Series 2007 Series Performers

·        May 25, 2007 J R's Big Band, Big Band

·        June 29, 2007 Ricochet, Nashville Recording Artist/Country

·        June 30, 2007 Cobb Symphony Orchestra, Pops

·        July 27, 2007 The Grapevine, Oldies/Beach

·        August 24, 2007 The Neons, 70s/80s/Classics


Step Up for a Healthier You!


Register today for Step It Up Fitness, a dynamic 16-session exercise program designed by certified professionals to help you, your family and your friends, to Step It Up to a healthier lifestyle.



·        Whitefield Academy (Vinings);

·        The Walker School (Marietta);

·        First Baptist Church of Smyrna


Call 678-528-9774 or go to  www.stepitupfitness.com for more information


Upcoming Concert Postponed...


Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Marietta Master Chorale regrets that we have to postpone our Beethoven Mass in C concert (advertised in last month’s newsletter) scheduled for 5 May 2007 at First Baptist Church in Marietta.  We hope to see you at our future concerts.




Neighborhood Business Spotlight


If you would like to advertise your business, please send us a BRIEF paragraph giving pertinent information about your company along with contact information.  Submissions will printed first come - first serve each month, based on space.  Competitors will not be published in the same month.  Send your information to leescrossing@comcast.net.


This month’s feature:



Satoria Eco-Chic Boutique and Spa is located at the new Village at Burnt Hickory next door to Gabriel's.


Specializing in organic skin and body care, unique gifts and much more.


Mention this ad when booking a 60 min Massage and receive 20% off.

Please check us out at www.satoriaboutique.com or Call us 770-429-8307



I Recommend……


This is your opportunity to recommend a business to your neighbors.  If you know of someone that does a good job, please send us a SHORT testimonial that we can share.








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