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Monthly Newsletter                                                                      June   2012



Wave: Dive-In-Movie Night





Family Fun Night at Lee’s Crossing Pool


Enjoy our Dive-In-Movie Event


Saturday night, June 23


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Movie starts at dark



Serving popcorn, soda, beer, wine and candy


Sponsored by the Lee’s Crossing Social Committee

Around the Neighborhood



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Lee’s Crossing Cyclones


With a record number of participants the Cyclones are off to a great start with a win at our first meet!  Our season continues on Wednesday evenings through the month of June. We will be hosting another home meet on June 13th – come by and check out the action!!  In addition, we will be holding our End-of-the-Season Party the pool the evening of Thursday June 28th.


This is a great program for swimmers of all ages (5 thru 18 years) and all abilities. This season marks the 20th year a team has competed out of the Lee’s Crossing Neighborhood.  While I, and many others, would love to see this program continue long into the future we are in need of someone to step in as the Team Coordinator.  Everyone has busy lives but if you are interested in getting involved with a great activity – for a limited period of time each year - please contact me for more information (Susan Herr 770-499-9354).




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Clubhouse Rentals

If you have any questions or need to book the clubhouse, please call or e-mail Tricia Wilson at 770-428-8144 or triciaww@mindspring.com.  In an effort to keep our Clubhouse clean and in the best condition, the rental deposit has increased to $250.  However, if you return the clubhouse after rental in its best condition, the entire deposit will be returned.




Neighborhood Notaries


Greg Amaden                         Lee’s Trace                              770-429-9264

James Belrose                          Lees Trace                               770-794-9897

Melissa Drehs                          Lee’s Trace                              216-392-1424
Brenda Fairbanks                    Trailwood Lane                       678-290-4810

Angela G. Ford                       Lee’s Trace                              678-234-7430

David Hardy                           Harrowgrove Court                770-427-6319

Carolyn Richardson                Cedar Branch Court                770-427-9900

Cecilia E. White                      Trailwood Lane                       678-797-6209


If you are a Notary and are willing to help out your neighbors, please send your name and phone number to leescrossing@comcast.net. 

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Lees Crossing Calendar of Neighborhood Events


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June 23 - Dive In Movie Night

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July 28 - Mexican Trivia

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Sept 3 - Labor Day/ Pool Closing Party















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I truly try to keep the deadline for the next month’s newsletter as the 28th of the current month so that I can get it out on the 1st.  However, sometimes circumstances dictate that the deadline has to be a day earlier or that the newsletter has to be a day late going out.  Please be understanding if this happens.





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Townhouse for Rent

Two bedroom 2 ½ bath townhome located on Powers Ferry and South Marietta Parkway (Near Harry’s Farmers Market/Big Chicken). New carpet, new heating and air conditioning, fireplace, new kitchen cabinets and lots of extra storage. Each bedroom has private bath and walk in closet.

$800.00.  Call to see it today!  Bette 770-850-2487 (work) or 404-441-5338 (cell)


Free Flowers

Free cannas (with red flowers at top), Lenten roses, cast irons, and hydrangeas.  Contact Wade Garnto at, 552 Trailwood Lane, telephone 770-427-1462.




Pressure Washing

Capitol One Exterior Pressure Cleaning not only provides excellent Exterior House Cleaning (pricing depends on dimensions), we are also running a "special" on Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning ($10.00 per 10 foot section).  Having a clean driveway and sidewalk enhances your property as well as the neighborhood. To schedule an appointment, call your neighbor Finnis Jones at 770-617-2463



Around Town

Calendar of Events – June





Helicopter rides over Marietta


Ninth annual "Juneteenth Evening Under the Stars"


Ninth annual Juneteenth celebration


Glover Park Concert Series

 These events are from the City of Marietta calendar.  For more information on any of these events, go to www.mariettaga.gov, click on the city calendar and follow the link to the desired event.

Glover Park Concert Series Schedule of Performers

June 29                        China Grove/Doobie Brothers Tribute Band
July 27                         The Fabulous Expressions/Beach
August 24                  
Yacht Rock Schooner/Party Rock
August 25                   GSO Jazz/Jazz
September 28              Atlanta Pleasure Band/R&B









Neighborhood Business Spotlight

If you would like to tell your neighbors about your business or recommend someone else’s -business, please send us a BRIEF paragraph giving pertinent information along with contact information.  Submissions will printed first come – first serve each month, based on space.  Send your information to leescrossing@comcast.net.  Note:  Please keep descriptions to ONE SHORT paragraph in WORD format.  Do not send brochures, flyers or pictures as they will not be published.  ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE SENT TO EITHER leescrossing@comcast.net or to trevathan.angelia@gmail.com.  NO SUCCESSIVE MONTHS.



I Recommend:


Jeanette and Ted Pilch recommend ET Cares, Inc. for lawn and shrub fertilization, nutritional supplements, disease management and insect control.  ET Cares has been in business since 1997 in Georgia. We have used this company for 14 years. Elliott Solomon is the owner and he provides excellent personal service.  Contact Elliott at:  etcares@yahoo.com or 404-200-7403


Tom and Judi Klein experienced an excellent exterior house pressure wash cleaning from neighbor Finnis Jones of Capitol One Exterior Pressure Cleaning (770-617-2463), who is also one of our neighbors.  It was obvious to us that he takes great pride in doing the job right.  Great job--competitive price. 


Luz Ocampo recommends Victoria Ochoa as a Spanish Tutor.  She has more than 10 years of experience teaching languages in fun creative ways!  Spanish for children through arts and crafts, classes for students struggling with their grades, beginners basic skills, or experts conversational Spanish.  Individual classes and groups.  Contact Victoria at: 404-551-6004

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Phone:  770-312-6374


The LCHA Newsletter and Website are published and maintained for the benefit of Lee’s Crossing homeowners. The purpose of the Newsletter and the Website is to promote Lee’s Crossing and to provide our homeowners with information regarding Lee’s Crossing activities and related issues.  The homeowners have entrusted the LCHA Board of Directors with the obligation and right to ensure content conforms to this purpose.  As such, articles or advertising endorsing political positions or candidates or other subject matter the Board deems to be divisive, offensive or inappropriate in nature will not be published or posted.  All appropriate content is welcomed and encouraged as a means of furthering awareness and communication within our neighborhood.



Mailbox Repair:  If you need a new post call Bob Schoonover at 770-422-8774. Contact Cindi Filer at 404-518-5809 for mailbox post paint.



Clubhouse Rental:  Call Tricia Wilson at 770-428-8144 or e-mail triciaww@mindspring.com


Neighborhood Directories:  Soft copies of the Neighborhood Directory are available in PDF format.  Send request to leescrossing@comcast.net



Board Members


Brad Herr, President      770-499-9354                                            Walt Walker                               770-428-4755                               

603 Briarmeade Drive                                                                        1060 Foreststone Way                                                                      

Joe Fenton, Secretary         678-581-0033                                      Erroll Eckford, ACC Chair      770-421-9738

1068 Foreststone Way                                                                       656 Trailwood Lane          


Kevin Brown, Director – Social Activities                                       Angela Ford, Treasurer              678-234-7430

770-218-5965                                                                                      521 Lee’s Trace

1205 Fielding Court


Jim Martin, Director – At Large  770-420-3484                            Covenant Enforcement

1139 Chestnut Hill Circle                                                                   David Waldrep




Board Email: leescrossing@comcast.net