Lee’s Crossing

Monthly Newsletter                                                               February 2009



From the President


Dear Neighbors,


Neighborhood Watch

            Recently we have had two reports of items being taken from unlocked cars in driveways during the night. We have been very fortunate that Lee’s Crossing has had few criminal acts in its 30 year existence and we need to be exercise appropriate caution so that things stay that way. Cars left in driveways (or on the street) should remain locked and any personal property that might be tempting to a would be vandal should be stored out of sight. Doors and windows to homes should be locked and bushes should be pruned so as not to provide protective cover for trespassers. Lastly, suspicious activities or persons should be promptly reported to the police.


The Parking Lot at the Club

            Jim Martin and Carl Trevathan took advantage of lowered oil prices and negotiated a contract on behalf of the Board to redo the club parking lot in December at a price of approximately $20,000 (our best summer price was $30,000). While the construction date has been deferred because of much needed rain, we expect completion in February.


Annual Assessments Due

            Annual assessments are due on February 1. Please be reminded that late fees and attorneys fees can make our relatively modest assessment of $345 balloon quickly in excess of $650. Please get your payment in on time. If you have any questions, call Gordon Pfeiffer.


Landscaping Tips

            Attached to our newsletter is an advisory article from Genesis landscaping regarding appropriate landscaping chores for this time of year. I hope this is helpful.


Watering Restrictions

            Please remember that, despite the recent rains, we are still under level 4 drought restrictions.


            Thanks again for all residents who were involved in another successful year for the Association.



Walt Walker

Around the Neighborhood



 We are trying to get together a Bunko group in the neighborhood that will meet once a month at the clubhouse. This will be a great time to socialize and get to know neighbors you may not know. We will probably meet on a Tuesday or Thursday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 for some bunko, appetizers, and drinks. Please email Rachael Hunter @ rrshunter@hotmail.com if you are interested or call her at (678) 643-4186. Hopefully, the first Bunko night will be in March.



Thank You


Thank you for another successful year of Dollar on Your Door!  We did great this year raising $791!  The sanitation workers were very appreciative of your generosity.  I want to thank all of you for your donations.  I would also like to thank my volunteers who helped me collect the donations.  They were Chelsea Herr, Elizabeth Eckford, Audrey Coots, Daniel Geiger, Andrew McIntosh, and Bette Foley.  Also thanks to Erroll Eckford who made a last minute replacement for the sign when my original one fell apart. 


Thanks again Lee's Crossing.  I hope you all have a wonderful 2009!


-Michael Pfeiffer



Neighborhood Vandalism


A home in our neighborhood was recently vandalized.  The AT&T Phone/TV/Internet wires in the box outside the house were damaged to the point that the system needs to be totally rewired. The homeowner has padlocked the box and wanted to warn other residents of what happened. 



Neighborhood Notaries:


Greg Amaden                           Lee’s Trace                              770-429-9264

Brenda Fairbanks                     Trailwood Lane                        678-290-4810

Angela G. Ford                        Lee’s Trace                              678-234-7430

David Hardy                             Harrowgrove Court                770-427-6319

Rebecca Jordan                        Cedar Branch Court                 770-427-1935

Carolyn Richardson                  Cedar Branch Court                 770-427-9900

Barbara Stubbs                        Trailwood Lane                        770-425-6991

Angelia Trevathan                     Basil Court                               770-528-9052

Margaret H. Waldrep               Chestnut Hill Circle       770-514-0821

Cecilia E. White                        Trailwood Lane                        678-797-6209


If you are a Notary and are willing to help out your neighbors, please send your name and phone number to leescrossing@comcast.net. 


Be sure to book the clubhouse early for any events you are planning!  Call Melissa Hinchman at 404-839-1211.







Magazines Needed

I am in need of any magazines that you may be ready to throw away or recycle for a project that I am working on to benefit the Kennesaw community.  Please feel free to leave them at my house, or you may contact me and I will pick them up.  I can be reached at (404) 229-0037, or by email at mollyisbell@comcast.net.

 For Sale
Used refrigerator:  White, excellent condition Kenmore 2-door refrigerator.  Great for a second refrigerator.  Best Offer. Call Brenda or Rick @ 678/290-4810. 

 Female Caregiver Needed
Lee's Crossing resident recently suffering from a stroke is seeking a female personal caregiver. Based upon your availability,  ANY of several flexible times needed would include approximately 1 hour/ mornings, mid-afternoon and evenings. Would be perfect if caregiver lived in Lee's Crossing. If not, possibly you know of a caregiver living in nearby Marietta that can be referred.  For more details call John Pizza 770-422-5000.  Thank you.

Will Clean Mailboxes

My name is Emily Filer and I live in Lees Crossing! I am in Middle School and I am saving for a car.  Let me bleach, clean, and paint your mailbox. (my parents will supervise!) I will use approved paint from the neighborhood.  If you received a letter from the homeowner's association, let me know the date you must have your mailbox painted to avoid fines. $20





NOTE:  When submitting classified ads, please make sure to submit contact information as well as how long you would like for the classified to run (i.e., one issue, two issues, etc.).  Thanks.





Around Town


Calendar of Events

Around the Neighborhood and Around Town


You can receive weekly updates on happenings in the city by subscribing to the Marietta e-news.  Go to http://www.mariettaga.gov/news/subscribe.aspx for further information and to sign up!


2/3                               8:30a – 4:30p               Summer Day Camp Registration Begins

                                                                                    City Hall


2/8                               2:30p – 5:00p               Daddy/Daughter Dance

                                                                                    Marietta Conference Center





Summer Camp Opportunity


Looking for a Summer camp experience that's affordable and provides wonderful values for your child?  Check out Camp Cherokee (for rising 2nd graders through 12th graders) on Sunday, February 8th at our Clubhouse!  Kelly Howington, Director, will be joining us with lots of info, photos and great fun programs for this Cartersville, back to basics camp!  Come relax with your neighbors and friends and hear more about Camp Cherokee.  3-5pm, February 8th.  Call Becky Jordan for more info:  770.427.1935."





Due West Treasure Chest Children’s/Juniors Consignment Sale

The sale is located at in the Due West United Methodist Church Family Life Center located at 3956 Due West Road  at the corner of Acworth Due West and Kennesaw Due West Roads. Admission is FREE.  Sale dates are Thursday, March 12  9:30 a.m. -7:00 p.m.; Friday, March 13  9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m; and Saturday, March 14  8:00a.m. -12 noon.  Many items are 1/2 price on Saturday ONLY.  We offer high-quality items at greatly reduced prices.  Find gently used children's, junior’s and teen's clothing, accessories and shoes.  We also offer FORMAL WEAR, maternity wear and accessories, school uniforms, baby items / furniture, electronics, books, CDs, videos/DVDs, TOYS and more!  For more information, please call 678-318-1908 or email treasurechest.duewest@yahoo.com.




Neighborhood Business Spotlight


If you would like to tell your neighbors about your business, please send us a BRIEF paragraph giving pertinent information about your company along with contact information.  Submissions will printed first come – first serve each month, based on space.  Competitors will not be published in the same month.  Send your information to leescrossing@comcast.net.  Note:  Please keep descriptions to one SHORT paragraph in WORD format.  Do not send brochures, flyers or pictures as they will not be published.


I Recommend……


Bill Guillion would like to highly recommend Gary Smith, Time 4 Tools (678-232-5523), as a repairman. He has worked for our property management company for over twenty years and has done economical, timely and honest work. Gary does lighting, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and appliance repairs. He also does window glass replacement, blind installation, rescreening, caulking and grouting, painting and other services.


 Richard and Rachael Hunter would like to recommend Stone, Marble, & Tile Installation. The owner is Saul Aguila. They did a wonderful job replacing our master bath shower. They were very resonable and dependable. You can reach them at (404) 277-8910.
They would also like to recommend Jim McNeel Home Repair who also did great work . His number is (770) 548-8999



February Landscape Hints

Genesis Landscape Group, Inc.


You can get a jump start on Spring activities in your landscape with plant fertilization just before Spring growth resumes.  Use a slow release granular

(24-6-12) formula and spread it carefully at the drip line of each plant or plant grouping.  Be careful not to let fertilizer come to rest on foliage as it will burn with sustained contact.  Do not fertilize Camellias, Azaleas and other Spring bloomers until after flowering.


Transplanting existing shrubs can be accomplished with less risk to the plants while they are dormant and weather is cool.  This is the ideal time for the planting of new trees and shrubs. 


Deep hand pruning should be done soon to promote interior and bottom growth and proper shaping.  DO NOT prune heavily on flowering or fruiting plant material at this time as you will be removing flowering buds, thus reducing flower and/or fruit production in the coming season.


Crape Myrtle pruning (or forking) is a February activity and it is also wise to clear winter debris (leaves, etc.) from the crowns of azaleas and other shrubs before applying fresh mulch.


Other things to plan for:  Fertilize Pansies as the weather warms,

                                            Prune Roses last week of month,

                                            Scalp warm season lawn (Bermuda or Zoysia)

                                            Move Perennials in dry periods,

                                            Pre-emergence weed controls can be applied.


Genesis Help Line – 770 422-5534

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DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS for the March Newsletter is February 26.  Any submissions after this date cannot be guaranteed inclusion.


Newsletter Editor:  Angelia Trevathan:   e-mail to:  angeliatrevathan@yahoo.com  Phone:  770-528-9052


The LCHA Newsletter and Website are published and maintained for the benefit of Lee’s Crossing homeowners. The purpose of the Newsletter and the Website is to promote Lee’s Crossing and to provide our homeowners with information regarding Lee’s Crossing activities and related issues.  The homeowners have entrusted the LCHA Board of Directors with the obligation and right to ensure content conforms to this purpose.  As such, articles or advertising endorsing political positions or candidates or other subject matter the Board deems to be divisive, offensive or inappropriate in nature will not be published or posted.  All appropriate content is welcomed and encouraged as a means of furthering awareness and communication within our neighborhood.


Mailbox Repair:  If you need a new post call Bob Schoonover at 770-422-8774.   New number placards or paint may be obtained by calling Tom McBrayer at 770-427-8057.



Clubhouse Rental:  Call Melissa Hinchman at 404-839-1211


Neighborhood Directories:  Soft copies of the Neighborhood Directory are available in PDF format.  Send request to leescrossing@comcast.net



Board Members


Walt Walker, President       770-428-4755                                        Jim Martin, Vice-President      770-420-3484

1060 Foreststone Way                                                                        1139 Chestnut Hill Circle


Steve Young, Secretary      770-423-0905                                         Erroll Eckford, ACC Chair      770-421-9738     

380 Baskin Drive                                                                                  656 Trailwood Lane                                                                            

Kevin Brown, Director – Social Activities                                       Noel Follrath, Treasurer             770-423-0623

770-218-5965                                                                                         1214 Meadowmist Way

1205 Fielding Court


                                                                                                                Covenant Enforcement

                                                                                                                David Waldrep




Board Email: leescrossing@comcast.net