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Lifeguard Only Swim Policy

The Lee's Crossing Cyclones swim team web site can be accessed by choosing the following link:
Lee's Crossing Cyclones

Lee's Crossing Front Entrance

Lee's Crossing is located in Marietta, GA approximately 1.5 miles West of the Marietta Square.


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December 15 - Neighborhood Nativity

Lees Crossing Homes Association
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The LCHA Newsletter and Website are published and maintained for the benefit of Lees Crossing homeowners. The purpose of the Newsletter and the Website is to promote Lees Crossing and to provide our homeowners with information regarding Lees Crossing activities and related issues. The homeowners have entrusted the LCHA Board of Directors with the obligation and right to ensure content conforms to this purpose. As such, articles or advertising endorsing political positions or candidates or other subject matter the Board deems to be divisive, offensive or inappropriate in nature will not be published or posted. All appropriate content is welcomed and encouraged as a means of furthering awareness and communication within our neighborhood.

Issued: May 2006

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